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grow revenue

bigger tickets

Spends for orders placed online are on average 20% higher than phone orders. Let your customers get click-happy.

repeat orders

Your customers are 44% more likely to order again if they can place orders online compared with calling an order in.

optimised for mobile

78% of all orders were placed on mobile devices in 2023. Be in your customer’s pocket, whenever they get hungry.

group orders

15% of all orders placed through Orderswift are over £40. Make group ordering a doddle for your customers.

zero missed orders

None. In fact, with thousands of orders placed before 12pm, Orderswift generates sales before your kitchen opens.

save time and money

Taking an order over the phones uses up an average of six minutes staff time. Get that back with Orderswift.

“Orderswift has been a fantastic partnership for us. It’s a great company, providing a smooth service for our team and a reliable, hassle-free ordering experience for our customers every time.”

Rory, Owner