Orderswift platform

restaurant branded

We create a ordering experience that is fully customised to your business.

mobile optimised

Our menu sites are fully responsive across all devices so your customers can order anywhere and anytime.

secure payments

All orders are paid for securely though the platform and passed on to operators every week.

Effortless operations

menu management

Got a special on today? No problem! It’s quick and simple to add and update menu items in real-time.


Set your hours of operation and change them at any time through your Restaurant Dashboard.

zero disruption

Simple tools give you full control over the flow of orders, so your kitchen is never overwhelmed.

Great relationships

customer data

Who’s your best customer? Who hasn’t ordered for a month? Gain valuable insight into your customers.

build loyalty

Use promo codes to reward existing customers and drive business from new customers.


Want to know what your customer though of their takeout experience? Find out with our feedback feature.

Even more...

dedicated support

Reach our support team seven days a week – and they’ll always be more than happy to assist.

easy accounting

With weekly statements and access to sales data in real-time, it’s simple to stay on top of accounting.

delivery module

Have your own logistics set-up? Perfect – you can use Orderswift to receive and manage delivery orders.

“Customisation is everything to our guests. The flexibility in Orderswift’s solution means they are able to create pizza exactly as they want it, quickly and simply.”

Bobby Hashemi, Founder